Wednesday, November 28, 2012

We weren't meant to eat meat


  1. That's a very good example but what of an omnivore?

  2. Someone told me that scientists or whatever say our teeth weren't designed to eat red meat. So they said we should eat fish and poultry instead.

  3. you believe what you wish, you eat what you want but do not try to push that garbage off on the rest of us thank you very much!

  4. Uhhh meat isn't murder, it's nature. A lion would have no remorse to tear you to pieces and feed on you for sustenance with it's pride. I don't blame the animal for it's need to survive, I don't hate it because it does what it does. I choose to do the same. I eat meat because I enjoy the taste, I enjoy the hunt, and I respect the animal which gives it's life for me to survive. I don't kill more than it takes to feed my family, I don't dishonor the animal by stuffing it and mounting it. I clean, dress, and quarter the animal making a shrine to the animals spirit with it's bones. I am Lakota, my people have fed off of the earth for millennia you're not stopping anybody with that argument either notice the Canines next to those supposed herbivore teeth. Omnivore as someone stated above. Like the bear. Like the Ape. Both of those noble creatures would eat you if they were starving so stop hiding beneath the concept that you're any better than them. That's truly vain of you and disrespectful to animals.

    1. You respect the animal that gives their life to you? No animal gave their life to you! You took its life. You murdered him or her. "That's truly vain of you and disrespectful to animals"