HELP Bandit

Target: Governor of Alaska, Mayor of Wasilla, Alaska and Wasilla Alaska Animal Control, Sponsored by: Jerry McDuffie - Eagle's Den Animal Rescue Bandit is a Border Collie that was taken to Wasilla, Alaska from Rhode Island after Michael Crawley confessed to his mother that he was "having sexual relations" with his dog. His mother was upset and went a little off the deep end. But I believe anyone would. She called us for help at Eagle's Den Rescue for help. While on the flight to Alaska, Michael's plane stopped in Minnesota to PUT HIM OFF fot drunk and disorderly conduct and for making violent threats. Bandit continued on to Wesilla in the cargo section of the plane. Michael's father: Cyril Crawley of Wasilla, Alaska said he would meet Bandit's plane and accept custody of him. He also agreed to KEEP BANDIT AWAY from Michael. Micahel was allowed to board a plane after a 24 hour hold in Minnesota and go on to Alaska and Bandit. It has since come to light that Michael was caught raping another family dog when he was a child, BY HIS FATHER, who turned a blind eye to it. When Michael's mother learned of the incident years later and confronted Cyril with Michael there ... Michael again admitted he has sex with his dogs. His father's response was "AT LEAST IT IS NOT A CHILD." This statement tells us that Mr. Crawley is complacent in his son's deviant behavior and will continue to condone the sick and perverted actions. In fact, at present, Bandit is living in a trailer with Michael. A promise from him not to sodomize Bandit means nothing. No one is watching. And even if he stopped today, Bandit is living with the man who has repeatedly abused him. Bandit should be removed from the care of the Crawley's and sent to a rescue where he can find a loving home. Further, Michael should be confined to a facility where he can be evaluated and either treated or jailed for his criminal behavior. he has openly discussed as fact that his older brother raped him repeatedly when he was a child and, in turn, he raped the family pets. We are not concerned with the past family history except with regard to the fact that Michael is still inflicting abuse on living creatures. THIS HAS TO STOP. Those who have heard his confessions will deliver notarized affadavits to anyone who needs them and are willing to testify to what Michael confessed. Bandit CANNOT REMAIN IN THE CARE OF MICHAEL OR HIS FATHER and must be removed immediately ... and sent where he can be treated by a vet. We are not suggesting a simple external exam. We want a comprehensive exam. And we would like to request that Michael agree to a polygfraph if he denies these charges. We have no doubt he will deny the charges since he has said he will kill himself if Bandit is taken from him. Beause of previous bad behavior, comments and threats - we believe Michael may well be a danger to himself or others. We know he is a danger to Bandit. We want Bandit immediately removed from danger and we want to be immediately contacted so that we can provide care for this dog, including any necessary medical care from internal injuries. An external exam is NOT enough.Once the damage is external, it is usually too late to avoid major complications. PLEASE HELP US HELP BANDIT! Contact Information to HELP Bandit. While this is a frustrating and heart-wrenching issue, please be polite to those in a position to help: WASILLA, ALASKA MAYOR: Phone: (907) 373-9055 Fax: (907) 373-9096 City of Wasilla Office of the Mayor 290 E. Herning Ave. Wasilla, AK 99654-7091 GOVERNOR OF ALASKA: Governer Parnell's Facebook Page: CONTACT the Governor Phone 1 (907) 465-3500 Email Website WASILLA POLICE DEPARTMENT: City of Wasilla Police Department 1800 E. Parks Highway Wasilla, AK 99654 Phone: 907.352.5401 Fax: 907.357.7877 Email: CONTACTS FOR ACO (ALREADY FAMILIAR WITH THE CASE): Matt Hardwig with Mat-Su Animal Care and Trooper O'Brien, with the Alaska State Troopers. You can contact Matt at 907-746-5500 and Trooper O'Brien at 907-745-2131.

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