Monday, July 29, 2013

Saving Greys: Texas Greyhound Cruelty Revealed For the First Tim...

Saving Greys: Texas Greyhound Cruelty Revealed For the First Tim...: Last week, GREY2K USA President Christine Dorchak traveled to Texas to release a groundbreaking report about dog racing in the Lone Star...

Monday, July 22, 2013

Animal Research is Scientific fraud

  • Vivisection or Science: A Choice To Make
     - By Prof. Pietro Croce - Excerpts from Croce's book of the same name, in which the former animal researcher details precisely why vivisection is unscientific and misleading.
  • The Pharmaceutical Drug Racket - Part Two - By Campaign Against Fraudulent Medical Research - Exposes the massive fraud in drug testing that ensures the survival and proliferation of the highly dangerous and profitable drug industry.
  • The Controlled Clinical Trial: An Analysis - By Harris L. Coulter PhD - Review of the book of the same name, in which the author critically examines the usefulness of randomised clinical trials. His thorough research reveals why the "controlled clinical trial" (CCT) cannot guarantee drug safety and efficacy.
  • Can Human Medicine Be Based On Veterinary Medicine? - By Javier Burgos, SUPRESS/The Nature of Wellness - Outlines basic arguements on why animal-based research is counter-productive to human medicine.
  • A Critical Look at Animal Experimentation - By Medical Research Modernization Committee - The animal research community wishes the public to equate animal experimentation with medical progress, but increasing numbers of scientists and clinicians are challenging animal experimentation on scientific grounds.
  • Doctors Against Vivisection - Quotes by doctors denouncing the scientific validity of animal research. Excerpted from the book 1000 Doctors (& many more) Against Vivisection, (Ed. Hans Ruesch), CIVIS, 1989.
  • DBAE's Third International Scientific Congress - For the first time, lawyers joined doctors to seriously question the validity of animal experimentation in relation to human health at Doctors in Britain Against Animal Experiments's Third International Scientific Congress, London, 10 May 1995.
  • Why a Coalition of Doctors and Lawyers? - Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine, an alliance of medical and legal professionals, was formed out of Doctors in Britain Against Animal Experiments's 1995 international scientific Congress, at which medical speakers were joined by lawyers.
  • Cancer Research - A Super Fraud? - By Robert Ryan BSc, CAFMR - Have you ever wondered why, despite the billions of dollars spent on cancer research over many decades, and the constant promise of a cure which is forever "just around the corner", cancer continues to increase?
  • Oink if You Are For Organ Transplantation - By Javier Burgos, SUPRESS/The Nature of Wellness - Argues against the madness of transplantation in general, and xeno-transplantation, or interspecies transplantation, in particular.
  • Baboon-to-Human Bone Marrow Transplant: Another Bloody Mess - By Hoorik Davoudian BSc, SUPRESS/The Nature of Wellness - Explains the absurdity and hopelessness of this FDA approved experiment.
  • A Guide to The Problems With Animal-to-Human Organ Transplants - By Alix Fano MA, Murry J. Cohen MD, Marjorie Cramer MD, Ray Greek MD, and Stephen R. Kaufman MD, Medical Research Modernization Committee - There have been some 55 animal-to-human whole organ transplants attempted since 1906. All have proven unsuccessful, resulting in the suffering and death of all patients and donor animals.
  • Doctors and Lawyers Unite to Oppose Transgenic Transplants - Doctors and Lawyers for Responsible Medicine called for a moratorium on transgenic transplants.
  • Naked Empress or The Great Medical Fraud - By Hans Ruesch - Review of the book of the same name, which exposes vivisection as the racket that has become an endless source of profits and new diseases. The book explores the history and activities of the Drug Trust, an American-based, international drug cartel.
  • Why Do Pharmaceutical Drugs Injure and Kill? - By Robert Ryan BSc, CAFMR - Deaths due to the intake of pharmaceutical drugs have reached epidemic proportions. Is this because drugs are fraudulently tested?
  • Animal Experimentation: The Hidden Cause of Environmental Pollution - By Hoorik Davoudian BSc, SUPRESS/The Nature of Wellness - Exposes the scientific fraudulence of animal research and shows how it is routinely used and manipulated to make toxicants appear "safe" for human consumption. For a review of the book, click here.
  • Slow Learners Or What? - Excerpted from the New York Times - Environmental regulation in the United States has been thrown into question after the National Institute of Environmental Health Services found upon reviewing their animal tests that these were inappropriate in identifying health hazards because chemicals frequently have wholly different effects between animals and humans.
  • Animal Experimentation: The Medico-Legal Alibi - Dr AndrĂ© Menache, speaking at the 10th World Congress on Law and Medicine, held at Jerusalem, Israel on 29 August, 1994.
  • How Scientific are the ANU Monkey Experiments? By Robert Ryan, CAFMR - A refutation of the scientific validity of primate experiments carried out the Australian National University.
  • ANU Monkey Experiments: Science Or Science Fiction - By Robert Ryan, CAFMR - More on the unscientific ANU monkey experiments.
  • Critique of NonHuman-Primate Research At Yerkes: A Summary - By Murry J. Cohen MD, Stephen R. Kaufman MD, and Brandon P. Reines MD, Medical Research Modernization Committee - Those who experiment on nonhuman primates have grossly exaggerated the role of nonhuman-primate studies in medical progress and significantly minimized the misleading data that results.
  • A Critique of Maternal Deprivation Monkey Experiments at The State University of New York Health Science Center - By Murry J. Cohen MD, Medical Research Modernization Committee - The relevance and importance of maternal deprivation monkey experiments continue to be scientifically debated because of conceptual and methodological flaws in the experimental design.
  • Science On Trial: The Human Cost of Animal Experiments - By Dr Robert Sharpe - Review of the book of the same name, in which the former Senior Research Chemist presents a powerful body of evidence and argument to demonstrate that, far from being scientific, animal research is methodologically flawed, and has retarded advances in human health.
  • Ask This Child's Mother What She Thinks of Animal Research - By CAFMR - Thalidomide, a drug responsible for over 10,000 birth defects, is further proof that animal testing cannot guarantee drug safety.
  • The Thalidomide Tragedy: Another Example Of Animal Research Misleading Science - By John Lesso, CAFMR - With the recent appearance of Thalidomide's dreadful effects being passed on to the children of the drug's victims, once again the issue has been raised of whether the drug tragedy in the 1960's could have been predicted and thereby averted by the manufactures' original animal tests.
  • Shortcomings of AIDS-Related Animal Experimentation - By Stephen R. Kaufman MD, Murry J. Cohen MD, and Steve Simmons, Medical Research Modernization Committee - Animal experimentation consumes much of the funding for research aimed at addressing the AIDS epidemic. The Medical Research Modernization Committee has identified fundamental scientific problems with animal experimentation in general and AIDS-related animal experimentation in particular.

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