Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Monster in Russia

I want to cut her smile off of her face with a sharp machete!
Who are doghunters? Dog hunters are those who: ⁃ are killing animals (mainly dogs) illegally; ⁃ are killing animals in a cruel manner; ⁃ are killing dogs and other animals by means that pose danger to people’s safety and health; ⁃ are taking advantage of any opportunity to kill an animal, legal or not; ⁃ are encouraging people to kill dogs and other animals by the above mentioned means; ⁃ are spreading instructions on how to kill animals. It is an organized group of people, acting on the territory of Russian Federation and neighboring countries. They position themselves as “doghunters” (de facto just sadists) and have their own rules and the statement. They undertake illegal actions: illegal killing of stray and family pets (mainly friendly dogs and puppies) in extremely violent and in many cases dangerous for people ways (scattering poison in the streets, parks, playgrounds, using guns in populated areas, etc.). These people are mainly gathering on the web-site, which is aimed at spreading instructions for killing animals and calls for actions, and also for posting reports about murders and abuse. Future and already committed murders are discussed here, photos, videos and calls for violence towards animal activists and stray pets guardians are also posted. They are proud of their ability to find loopholes in laws of Russian Federation, thus escaping punishment. They are consulting their special lawyer. Such violence, aggression and cynicism are seen in psychology as personal abnormality (psychopathy). According to psychologists’ such people are potentially dangerous for others. Like many maniacs and murderers slaughteres – doghunters justify their violence on the ground of abstract humane aims and claim to have “mythically good aim” – saving humankind from evil – in this particular case saving women and children from stray dogs. But in reality they are people with low moral standards, who violently kill harmless and neglected dogs, puppies, crows, less frequently cats and pets. Surprisingly, their actions hurt those who they wanted to protect – children, who are poisoned with toxic substances they spread, sometimes even lethally. Physical violence towards animals is included in clinical picture of behavioural disorder presentation (F91) in International Classification of Diseases together with other forms of character disorder (stealing, lying, physical violence towards people).


  1. Wow, someone's watched too much Dexter.

  2. Wow... Some of the people that you have on here, such as hunters, YOU NEED TO LEAVE THE FUCK ALONE... WHo are you to push your "maral" agenda on anyone and to call for VIOLENCE AGAINST HUMANS, due to your percieved violations of morality in regards to animal "abuse"???

    How the fuck do you know what its like in Russia? Ever think that maybe, just maybe, it is justified to kill them? I don't see you on here whining about Nutria Rats being control killed in Florida daily...


    1. Dear Anonymous, pretty big mouth behind the name Anonymous. I don't need to leave anyone alone, anyone who harms an animal i will expose. I don't have any "maral" [why don't you learn how to spell] agenda and how in the hell am i calling for violence against humans? If you think the girl in the picture is justified to smile after she has just filleted a dog open for the fun of it then you are from the same ilk as she is and you and those like you are what is wrong with this world.

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    I hope these twats know that KARMA is a bitch. If you don't know what that means YOU ASSHOLES are going to hell where what you have done on earth, will be done to you. I wish I could be there to watch you being hacked and sliced and diced every hour of every day until the next day, when the same is done !!!!!!

    You mother should have aborted you!!!!!!