Monday, November 19, 2012

Child Abuser and Sadist Clifford Carroll

Clifford Carroll Cell (620) 767-5053   Home  (785) 466-1405
1667 S 1400 Rd Council Grove, KS 66846-8770

Clifford Carroll is raising his children to trap and kill wildlife, never telling his kids that the animals that they barbarically trap, shoot, stomp, stab etc.  feel the same fear and pain that they do,  or that they love their lives like they do.

Hunting is a stubborn holdover from our country's racist past. While many still consider it an annual rite of passage for white children to stalk through rural communities with loaded guns, it is a crime for a minority child to possess a gun in his urban neighborhood. A gun remains a traditional right for many boys in white, rural America, a tradition that would get a Latino boy killed or imprisoned in our cities. That we allow, even encourage, one segment of our population to run amuck with guns, while imprisoning others, is blatantly racist. 

In a year when many cities are struggling with a disturbing reemergence of gun violence, America must rethink the continued glorification of guns and killing. The cruel reality of hunting blurs the message we deliver to our children about guns and violence in this country. We cannot simultaneously discourage gun violence and encourage hunting. Both cruelty and compassion are contagious, and it is our responsibility to plant the seeds of a compassionate culture for future generations. Children who learn to empathize with animals are much more likely to become empathetic adults. There is nothing good that comes from the murder of vulnerable creatures. Hunting teaches it is acceptable, even admirable, to kill a defenseless creature. Hunting is the opposite of caring. 

We should celebrate when our children plant their first tree or spend their first day volunteering at a homeless shelter -- not when they gun down their first defenseless animal.  [excerpt from the article Hunting -- It's bad for animals, it's bad for America by Kelly Overton]

The highly touted and farm-oriented 4-H program is a skillful brainwashing program for preparing farm youth to accept the slaughter of their “pet” project animals each summer for money. Each 4-H youth that raises a cow, sheep, goat or hog, competes for trophies. Then the animals are auctioned to local businesses that donate heavily to assure nice cash profits. Thus the children, through group and social pressure, are forced to surrender for slaughter the living creature they raised and loved for nearly a year.

After a few consecutive years of doing this, and building a nice nest egg of cash for college, these kids eventually learn to kill farm animals without conscience. The objective thus turns to money.


  1. Disgusting tyrants. This is pure backwoods trash behavior. Our society is too advanced for people like this to still exist.

  2. What's up with fat people and killing things? Odd connection.

  3. POS bastards! None of these animals has done anything to these people or pose and real threat to them either so why would they continue, day after day, with their senseless killing. These animals are terrified and deserve to live! Trapping a skunk? What the fuck is that about? Opossums are very sweet and as for bobcats, they avoid people wherever possible and are difficult to find in the wild. Raccoons also just seek out food but pose absolutely NO DANGER to a human being.
    This sick family of sociopaths need to be trapped and hunted by some of the animal lovers in this and other countries. What is their excuse for this barbaric torture? Why on Earth would you encourage your children to kill at whim?
    Everyone knows there is a strong connection to animal abuse and serial killers.

    These fat bed wetters need to get some exercise and focus on becoming a healthy and normal family instead of a backyard, in-bred twat and waste of oxygen!

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