Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Morgan is a young female wild caught orca caught by a lie!


Jackie Kelly
Petition by
Southport, United Kingdom

Morgan is a young female wild caught orca, rescued by the Dolphinarium Harderwijk in June 2010 who gained a permit to rescue her on the condition she was released back to the ocean as soon as possible.
This did not happen. Morgan was put 'on show' to the public within 5 weeks of her 'rescue'. It is a well known fact that when rescuing wildlife, the only human contact of any kind should be to improve the health of the animal and to rehabilitate and release back to the wild. They absolutely should not be on show to the public.
There are too many questions that remain unanswered, just a few of those questions are:
1.Why were orca experts prevented from entering Dolphinarium Hardervijk much earlier to obtain DNA and vocal recordings of Morgan to find her pod (all pods have their own dialect), eventually being allowed in after the first court hearing a year later (August 2011).?
2.How did Sea World know about Morgan before orca experts had chance to work with her? Dolphin Hardervijk sold another wild caught orca, Gudrun to Sea World in 1987. (The sale of orca is now illegal and there is no evidence that Morgan was exchanged for money although there are reports that dolphins may be on their way to DH).
3.Why is the media 'still' reporting that 7 'experts' brought in by Dolphinarium Hardervijk said Morgan's release would be 'too risky' when 4 of those 7, on gaining new information on Morgans vocals/call signals, switched sides and supported her rehab and release?
It has been said that Morgan was sent to Loro Parque in November 2011 as this was 'in her best interest', this is not true. Morgan was sent to Loro Parque due to loopholes in laws. There was, and still is a solid, well organized rehab and release plan for Morgan by some of the worlds top orca experts. Her call signs have been matched to relatives and there is no reason why Morgan would not be accepted into this pod especially as she is a young female.
Please sign the petition and share.
If you wish to send donations to help Morgan please do this on the Free Morgan Foundation website. All funds are going to the contunuing legal fees. Thanks.
European Commission/European Court of Justice
Spanish Ministry of Environment
Spanish Ministry of Trade
Spanish Ministry of Tourism
Loro Parque 
I just signed the petition on Change.org calling for the release of Morgan the Orca who is currently being held in captivity at Loro Parque.

As you may know, Morgan was rescued by the Dolphinarium Hardervijk in June 2010 who gained a permit to rescue her on the condition she was released back to the ocean as soon as possible.

This has not happened and there is no acceptable justification for keeping her in captivity in a zoo in Spain, caging a wild animal in a tight space.

Morgan is an Orca who was born in freedom and members of the Free Morgan Foundation have located relatives to which she could be returned. Continuing to keep Morgan in captivity could therefore be a breach of the European Protected Species Regulations.

For this reason I ask that Morgan is released urgently from Loro Parque in Tenerife (Canary Islands) and relocated to facilities in Sto, Norway so that the carefully drafted reintroduction and rehabilitation plan can be followed and Morgan can be returned to her natural habitat.

Thank you very much for your attention.

[Your name]

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