Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cheap netting hurts it cuts and strangles bats, birds and other wildlife. Please sign and share. Thank you

Netting that is loosley drapped over a backyard fruit tree has to be the deadliest and the cruelest method of protecting ripening fruit. It is responsible for thousands of deaths of flying-foxes and other wildlife annually across Australia. Thrown loosly over a tree, it has the potential to cause horrific injuries including slow death. Loose netting traps animals so completely that is cuts off circulation, causes bruising, breaks bones and cuts into flesh resulting in ghastley wounds. Most bats caught are either pregnant or supporting dependant young. The terror of capture and the desperate struggle for freedom causes miscarriages and the deaths of innocent babies. If  puppies and kittens were being trapped, no society would condone this preventable cruelty. So why do we tolerate this? Help us to have these products banned from sale by giant hardware stores and wholesalers. There are wildlife safe, affordable alternatives to drape netting that will guarantee 100% of your harvest. Please visit 

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