Thursday, February 21, 2013


NEW UPDATE !! PETITION NR.19 HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE LINK ! (New Total :19 Petitions!) ►PET.19. SIGN & SHARE WIDELY ►►19☚ PETITIONS (below in this link thank you) THE DARK SIDE OF SPAIN !! The starving dogs that give Spain a bad name The cruel strangulation on this picture is called by the Spanish hunters as a cruel mockery joke "Piano playing" because of the way the dog is struggling to reach the ground with the hind paws... An "entertainment" that clearly shows that the Spanish hunters lack empathy and respect for living beings! barbaric sadism is the right word !It is a disgrace beyond compare !!! Therefore PLEASE SIGN & SHARE WIDELY THE FOLLOWING►19 PETITIONS thank you all !►PET.1 ►PET.2 ►PET.3ñol-y-el-congreso-acabar-con-el-trato-cruel-hacia-los-galgos-en-españa►PET.4 /or => ☚►PET.5►PET.6►PET.7►PET.8.►PET.9►PET.10.►PET.11.►PET.12.►PET.13.ía-no-autorice-el-entrenamiento-de-galgos-a-motor►PET.14.►PET.15.►PET.16.►PET.17.►PET.18.►PET.19.**( See details of the petition NR.14 here : ►►►WATCH THE NEW UPDATE JANUARY 2013 ! ➨►►PLEASE COPY THE LETTER TO SEND A EMAIL INSIDE THIS LINK OF THE League Against Cruel Sports - letter to write to them for the Galgos =>**FOR MORE INFOS GO TO MY FRIEND LINK ➨ to :➨➨ ➨ PLEASE WATCH THESE 2 VIDEOS:THE TRAGEDY OF THE GREYHOUND IN SPAIN► dog was lucky a rescued "Hanged galgo" the so-called "Piano Play"► VIDEOS PLEASE WATCH !(=>NOT GRAPHIC!)***➨#And more information here too =>** ➨** *And => *And => You ~ Tony Zadel, Copyright(©)

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